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The Wendy Brook Music Festival is a registered charity and as such we are able to issue receipts for tax purposes.  We hope that you will donate to our Festival as a general supporter or as the sponsor of an award. 

If you are a new donor please contact us through email or phone or mail - see the addresses under "Contact Us".  We welcome all donations and encourage you to give your donations in cash, cheque or in kind directly to a board member or by mail.

Donations received on or before Feb. 28 will be published in the programs.  (We go to print the first of March.)  Donations received after this date, are still happily received, and will be published on our website.  Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued after the completion of the festival, usually in May of the same year.

If you choose to donate on-line we ask you to do so through (see button at top of this page) where our charity is listed under the full name: Wendy Brook Music Festival Association.

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